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9 Marketing and Promotional Ideas to Help Increase Your Brand Awareness During the Holidays

Oct 28, 2021

With the holidays approaching, every marketer is faced with the same challenges of creating unique holiday campaigns that engage audiences and ultimately drive sales. We put together a list of ideas for the upcoming quarter in hopes that you can pick and choose the best ones that suit your industry and its needs.

Here are 9 marketing and promotional ideas to help increase your businesses’ Brand Awareness during the holidays:


1. Black Friday Special

Give a discount on the program/product. Market this during November a week or two leading up to Black Friday throughout all of your social platforms. Put a banner on your website, talk about it on your Instagram story, and try to make an engaging TikTok or YouTube Video around it.

2. Offer a Deal or Discount for Corporate Employees

Locate companies that employ individuals similar to your target demographics. Offer them a corporate discount to get the programs or products for their employees. This could be a great way to get a bulk purchase of your product/program. Now you have a new pool of individuals to get some insight from, review, and expand your brand on their media outlets.

3. Donate a Percentage of Profits to a Charitable Cause

This is the perfect opportunity to cross-promote with the charity/organization on their social channels, email campaigns, website, and more.  From local women and children centers to community sports projects, there has to be a cause that your brand supports and your values align.

4. Regular Cross Promotion with Affiliated Brands

Contact and negotiate with brands affiliated with yours. If you are already working with some brands, find a way to work together over the holiday season to push a similar product to a wider audience, maybe giving you some affiliate revenue and new followers along the way.

5. Cross Promotion with Related Businesses

Contact and negotiate with your favorite brands that relate to your industry. See if they would like to work together on cross-promotion during the holidays. If all else fails, you can ask them to promote your page on their channel and pay them a fee to do so. This is the perfect time to think outside the box of your brand. For example, if you are in the fitness industry, connect with some of your favorite food storage companies and see if you can promote their glassware on your page with a promo code! Now you will be driving sales for them and you might be able to get your own affiliate code to share and earn revenue on.

6. Create a Free Lead Magnet

Do you have something you can make special for someone who drops you their email? Maybe a personal workout video, special access to a hot new NFT, or even a PDF download on how they can prepare their house for the market. This is a great way to provide someone with value first. They will be more likely to purchase from you at a later date, and now you have their email to send more campaigns to!

7. Host a Themed Challenge

Take your current customer base and host a themed challenge. Have everyone submit their content (best holiday photo, best costume contest, etc.). This is great because now you have content you can re-share on your company’s social media channels that engage current customers. From here you can have everyone vote, or even do it yourself and award some prizes for the best photo or most unique content. If you share the person’s photo and tag them, they will be more inclined to share it on their personal page which could ultimately drive a new customer to you!

8. Launch New Merchandise

Create a new workout tank or tee shirt. Hoodie Season?! It is the perfect time of year to establish your brand on some quality merchandise that doesn’t break the bank. You can check out some third party merchandisers like Printify or Printful to learn more. Make sure you get a few pieces for yourself of each item to triple check quality, sizes, and washing techniques so you can properly convey how to care for the merch to your customers.

9. Provide Referrals or Send Gifts

Entice your current customers to help expand the brand. Give the gift of the program to someone else and you get XXX back for yourself. This could work for gym memberships, gift cards, merchandise, and more! This is the perfect time to think about your current customers. If any of them have been influential in expanding the brand, see if they want to team up. Create an affiliate code for a member and track how many sales come from them. Determine a good % to kick them back and then see how your team can work for you!

Final Thoughts

Every brand is different, has different audiences, and can get people to a completely different goal. One thing that remains true is a good brand stands out above the rest, engages its consumers, and creates a lasting impression. We hope you can utilize some of these tips and tricks to stand out above the rest and engage your audience this upcoming quarter.

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