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Celebrating Alex Jones, Director of Client Success: 1st Full Year at Stoqd

Apr 25, 2022

Yesterday morning as the day began, emails and messages from clients started rolling in – however one message I received was a bit different than the rest. It read;

Hey boss, I almost died yesterday in the woods. I made a wrong turn, had to swim a half mile in the creek with my bike. I barely got back to civilization and asked some hikers to help me. Luckily, the rangers checked on me and I got some food, water, and a jacket. There was a huge landslide and I was in the water for over an hour. Anyway, how’s your morning what’s on the agenda today!?

This was from our Director of Client Success, Alex Jones. Before you ask, no, we did not hire the almighty conspiracy theorist Alex Jones from Info Wars. Our Alex is way more exciting – and this little landslide extravaganza is just one of his many adventures outside of his duties at Stoqd. When Alex isn’t hustling for clients of our Top 100 ranked branding agency, he’s surfing, biking, hiking, or doing good deeds for others.



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Be sure to check out everything Alex has going on by connecting with him on Instagram here.

I knew when we hired Alex that his personality would add some extra kindness, happiness, and love to our daily communication with clients. His talents to make sure projects get completed on time and that everyone is on task is superb. We take this day to appreciate Alex for who he is and all he contributes to his friends, family, and our team here at Stoqd. On any given day, as a client, you might receive a ping from Alex asking you to approve content that we’ve created for this upcoming week for your social media channels, or he might be asking you to review the beautiful new homepage we’ve put together for your new website. Regardless of what it is, Alex always communicates with patience and the understanding that marketing is hard. No matter who you speak with – if they say business and marketing is a breeze, they are full of it.

Today and every day we celebrate! We are stoked to have Alex and his many talents, and we look forward to many years to come. If you have a project in mind and would like to work with Stoqd be sure to tell us more about it here, and if you’re looking to become part of the Stoqd team shoot us a quick email here.


CEO @ Stoqd

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