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Capitol Granite – Website Design, Advertising, & Social Media Project

Project Scope: Website
Project Duration: Ongoing

Capitol Granite was founded in 2002 by Paul Menninger. They offer premier cabinet and countertop products and installation in Central Virginia. Through the years he simply felt unsatisfied with the quality of work and craftsmanship in the countertop industry, so he decided to take matters into his own hands, building his own shop which still, today, operates on a philosophy of customer satisfaction first. Paul was previously a woodworker who had spent time in the corporate world as a sales engineer and then sales manager. As a woodworker, he built furniture and cabinets and utilized those skills and techniques to flip houses. His catalyst for entering the stone industry developed while he was doing work on his own personal residence. Menninger was upgrading his own kitchen, having made all of the cabinetry himself, and when looking for an individual to fabricate and install granite countertops, he found himself feeling very disappointed with his experience. He ultimately decided to begin Capitol Granite, and offer those needs to the market himself through quality products, installation, and customer service.

Stoqd helped redesign Capitol’s WordPress website. The original site was cluttered, confusing, and was overloading its visitors with far too much information, heavy text, and hundreds of un-needed webpages. This is unfortunately very common for many business owners. We believe your website should be simple, beautiful, easy to navigate, and most importantly – it should clearly explain your brand’s solutions to your customers. That being said, this project took roughly 7 weeks. Given the nature of the website which had a vast amount of information and pages on it, this can be a delicate project due to the consequences of search engine rankings. It was a very high priority to make sure that Capitol Granite’s organic rankings on Google remained intact, which we were able to accomplish successfully.

We also handle Capitol Granite’s overall marketing strategy, including social media, content creation, and digital advertising.

Capitol granite's Full Website Design Screenshot

Here is Capitol’s Instagram account where we help feature projects, community efforts, client reviews, staff members, and more:

Capitol Granite Instagram

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