(adjective; stōked) – an enthusiastic or exhilarated state.

Courtney Lambert Fit – Landing Page & Social Media Design

Project Scope: Branding, Website
Project Duration: 3 Weeks

Courtney Lambert’s fit brand is all about helping women become their best selves & reach their fitness goals. Many women struggle with making themselves a priority. Courtney understands this, as she was also viewing herself negatively and hardly ever feeling motivated. She felt guilty and was struggling with postpartum depression. Over time, she learned how to break this pattern, get healthy, fit, and happy. She is looking forward to meeting new clients and showing other women a simple-to-follow plan to get their health and happiness back.

Stoqd designed a new brand design, colors, and landing page for the Courtney Lambert Fit brand and designed the elements of her social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, including story highlights and a linktree. The project took approximately 3 weeks. Read this client’s full review of their experience with us here.

Courtney Lambert website landing page

Courtney Lambert Fit Instagram

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Cambridge Spectacle Co. – Press Release Project

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