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Exigent Design & Build – PPC Advertising, SEO, & Google Guaranteed Project

Exigent Design & Build Website and Google listing
Project Scope: Digital Advertising, SEO
Project Duration: Ongoing

Exigent Design & Build started off as a lawn cutting service in 2011. Owner and CEO Brandon Heitmann started with just a push mower in his subdivision for some extra cash. After years of cutting lawns and doing small landscaping maintenance work, Heitmann decided it was time to embark on a new journey in the company. He began to learn the hardscaping side of the business and found his true passion. 9 years later the company has evolved into a true landscape construction company that offers 3D designs and can construct anything from a simple retaining wall to in-ground pools and spas. Exigent has worked with Stoqd marketing for going on three years now.

Stoqd manages all of Exigent’s paid digital advertising through Google Adwords, YouTube, and the Google Guaranteed ‘Local Services Ads’ program. We have generated well over 1,000 leads for them in the past 36 months to date as of October 2021. We also helped them implement a minor overhaul of their website as well as clarify their brand messaging. The Google Guaranteed program was the client’s idea, and we then helped walk them through the application and approval process. That program alone is already generating leads daily for the client. Here is an example of what the Guaranteed service providers’ listing looks like on Google search:

Local Services Ads example


For all of our ongoing advertising and social media clients, we offer an in-depth real-time dashboard that our clients can access any time and day of the week. This is an area where most agencies tend to fall short. This is a solution that took us years to finally be able to provide. After texting dozens of different dashboard interfaces and configurations, in 2020 we launched our new reporting solutions. Here is an example of what Exigent’s dashboard looks like:

PPC Real Time Advertising Reports Results Dashboard


We also handle Search Engine Optimization for Exigent, also known as SEO. This is an ongoing effort to help the company rank number one in their local market for competitive, optimal, and desired keywords. Here is an example of the SEO dashboard we provide our clients with. We log all of our tasks in order to make sure our clients have transparency into the work we do.

SEO Reporting Dashboard

Exigent Design Build is an industry and market leader in the state of Michigan. If you are a landscaping company in a different state be sure to reach out to us and see how we can help guide your business results forward.

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