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Lamha Cumasach – Branding, Website, & Social Media Project

Project Scope: Branding, Websites, Social Media
Project Duration: Ongoing

Lamha Cumasach is owned by Veronica and Tehran Jones. The company is a pregnancy consulting and Doula service. They are committed to making women and their families feel empowered, supported, and protected. Pregnancy, labor, and delivery are supposed to be some of the most beautiful experiences along a couple’s journey. Veronica and Tye’s journey was less than beautiful, they ended the birth of their first child feeling disempowered, confused, and stressed. This is no way for a parent to feel when looking at and holding their newborn for the first time. After this experience, the couple started to search for answers about why they felt this way and ended up going through such an unpleasant experience. Then, they discovered a doula. After pursuing a Doula certification of their own, they have dedicated their lives to making sure that everyone knows that there is a better way.

We also have a full case study breakdown of our project with Lamha Cumasach which can be found here.

Stoqd helped Lamha build its brand from the ground up. We first started with our 7 part framework Storybrand implementation. Once we locked down the vision, mission, and personality of the brand, we began mocking up potential logo designs. We designed their brand imagery, colors, and visuals. Once set, we created the company’s brand guidelines that would be followed from here forward. These guidelines are generally what is given to 3rd party companies or partners that the company may work with in the future. This ensures that the brand is always represented correctly and in a positive and professional manner. Read this client’s full review of their experience with us here.

Lamha Cumasach first set of logo designs

Here is the finished logo design that the client decided on:

Lamha Cumasach Logo Design for web


We then designed and developed a brand new WordPress website for the client, while building their social media presence in the background.

Lamha Cumasach Official Website

We manage, curate, and design all of the client’s social media content to help promote the company’s services on an ongoing basis. These services are something we implement very often, regardless of what type of marketing project the client may have. We operate on Brand first, then Platform, then Content. If you’d like to learn more about our social media management services you can check those out here.

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