(adjective; stōked) – an enthusiastic or exhilarated state.

Springbok Analytics – Social Media Project

Project Scope: Social Media
Project Duration: 1 Year, 10 Months

Founded as a scientific research tool to help pediatric surgeons with procedures for cerebral palsy, Springbok utilized cutting-edge MRI acquisition and 3D muscle modeling to discover more muscles than previously known are affected by the disorder and that individual muscle development is unique to each patient. Today, Springbok’s patented technology can measure comprehensive muscle health, creating a detailed, color-coded, 3D model of the individual. Equipped with new, objective data, a wide range of human performance specialists and scientists can evaluate an individual’s underlying form which is key to precision medicine.

Stoqd worked on a social media project for Springbok that dives deeper into the knowledgebase of sports analytics than you would imagine. The team custom-tailored a plan for Springbok to help define their authority in the market while still engaging people through digital advertising. It can be difficult to come up with exciting ideas that are very numbers-driven, especially when social media has a lot of flash and effects to it. Instead of a short article per week, Stoqd created one article each month with long-form content and data-driven information on the sports analysis field. The team used LinkedIn to reach businesses and teams while simultaneously using Twitter and Instagram to reach the masses of sports athletes and spectators. We worked with this client for about 2 years, and our collaboration allowed the Springbok team to have a great presence on social media while they shift their focus to events. Full page screenshot of the LinkedIn page for Springbok analytics ran by Stoqd marketing.

Cambridge Spectacle Co. – Press Release Project

Cambridge Spectacle Co. – Press Release Project

Cambridge Spectacle Co. noticed that optometry has seen an influx of fast-fashion brands that lack a true understanding of eye health. Cambridge understands what constitutes quality. Taking care of people's vision and leading the optical industry with initiatives to...

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