(adjective; stōked) – an enthusiastic or exhilarated state.

Starseed Healing – Branding & Website Project

Featured image for Starseed Healing. This eCommerce website took about 2 months to complete.
Project Scope: Portfolio - Branding & Website
Project Duration: 2 months

Soothe the soul, elevate the spirit, and discover more abundance. Starseeds are old souls who are spiritually aware and feel they have a purpose in life. Starseeds are even said to have origins in other galaxies and are sent back to earth to help transform heaven on earth. These people tend to be sensitive and are drawn to healing. Starseed products help with manifesting goals or attributes. To get their products to help manifest, Caroline reiki infused them on an interdimensional level, charged them with intention, and enchants the entire oil and the different herbs, spices, flowers, essential oils, crystals, glitter, various items such as seashells, and money it contains. She has helped many clients attain large raises at their jobs, come across unexpected money, find love, lose weight, ease stress, and many more magical accomplishments through her products.

Stoqd created a beautiful eCommerce website that captures the essence of energy and reiki-infused experiences. After meeting with the client, the stoqd team helped update Starseed’s logo and colors, in order to build a calm, yet drawing vibe. It was a unique and fun experience to learn about Usui Reiki, integrated energy sessions, and more. This experience will allow you to purchase your own products including spell jars, love candles, ritual baths, and distance reiki / integrated energy therapy sessions. This website is fast to load and fully functional on desktop, mobile, and tablet. It took the stoqd team about 2 months to complete this project.

Full size screenshot of the Starseed Healing website built by stoqd showcasing their energy and reiki infused witchiness experiences.

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