(adjective; stōked) – an enthusiastic or exhilarated state.

Steak and Seafood Direct – Ecommerce Website Project

Steak and Seafood Direct Online Ordering Website
Project Scope: Ecommerce Website
Project Duration: 1.5 Months

Steak and Seafood Direct’s mission is to use their extreme buying power to bring wholesale meat, steak, and seafood pricing to the public. Throughout each year, Steak and Seafood Direct visits many cities throughout the country and sets up shop for roughly a week or less. At these pop-up tents, they set up their refrigerated trucks and offer great deals on high-quality meats and seafood. They work directly with farmers to cut out the middlemen and the grocery stores to be able to offer wholesale deals all year long. They often have prizes and giveaways at their events, and also offer online ordering and delivery.

Stoqd re-designed and developed a brand new WordPress/WooCommerce website with integrated payment merchants and product listings so that Steak & Seafood Direct can now offer online ordering and delivery in select states. We integrated Podium SMS customer service system, and the project took roughly 1 month. We also handle all of their digital advertising.

Steak and Seafood Direct Website Screenshot


Scout HR Services – Website Design Project

Scout HR Services – Website Design Project

Scout HR Services began in 2023 by founder, Jacob Canter. He is establishing a recruitment business that is different from others in the market. His research revealed that many people felt they experienced poor service from most recruiters. Jacob wanted to change...

Feed More – Website Design Project

Feed More – Website Design Project

Feed More collects, prepares, and distributes food to our Neighbors in need throughout Richmond and Central Virginia. Feed More’s comprehensive programs, and network of more than 270 nonprofit partners and agencies work across 29 counties and five cities, to help...

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