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Simple Step by Step Brand Marketing Guide for Startups

Nov 15, 2021

In a highly competitive industry, it can be difficult for startups to reach out to their target audience during the beginning. The first few months are crucial to getting your business off the ground, which is why people tend to focus on marketing and building their brand. This way, it becomes easier to attract consumers and establish credibility in the market. 

If you are able to come up with an effective brand marketing strategy initially, you can gain an edge over your competitors and maintain a steady bottom line. It can be challenging for startups to highlight their objectives with branding. In order to do so, you need to focus on promoting your products or services on the right platforms and connecting the audience. 

To make this easier, here is a detailed guide for brand marketing that you can follow to get the desired results.


1. Choose A Unique Voice 

This is the first step for brand marketing that can help you reach out to a wide customer base. People want to know what makes you unique from others. By choosing a unique voice, you can tell consumers about your purpose, mission statement, core values, and what you aim to accomplish with the brand. 

So when you are building your brand identity, you can focus on creating a voice that represents your industry and engages the customer. Just like any visual element such as a logo or icon, the tone of voice can help you maintain brand consistency. 

While startups can look for an online logo design contest to get a professionally designed and relevant symbol, they need to examine their values closely to find the right tone of voice. Consider why you started the business and think about the perception you want to create in the minds of the audience. 


2. List The Values And Establish A Clear Vision 

Secondly, before you can market your brand to the consumers, it is important to know what exactly you want it to be known for. You’ll want to create a list of values that can be associated with the startup and could convince the audience of your product or service. Think of any globally recognized brand such as Coca-Cola or Apple. There is a high chance that you can recall their brand values of leadership, inclusivity, and innovation instantly. 

In order to come up with a successful brand marketing strategy, you need to create a list of the values that help the audience think of your company positively. Other than that, for startups, it is essential to have a clear vision from the beginning. This way, you can promote your product or service by focusing on the entire brand. 


3. Create A Style Guide 

Web Summit Conference Brand Guidelines Example

To make sure that everything from your website design to social media posts reflects your brand values, it is important to create and use a style guide. With brand marketing, you need to be as consistent as possible from the early days. This way, you can convey your unique voice to the consumers and help them become more familiar with it. According to a report, consistency in branding can result in a 33 percent increase in revenue.

By having clear guidelines about your logo variations, color palette, font styles, and imagery, you can maintain consistency in your branding and promotional content. If you think about some of the most well-known brands like Nike or Red Bull, you will observe that the companies have a style guide that they stick to. 

This makes it easier for brands to communicate with their target audience and stand out with their branding as well. 


4. Identify or Know The Target Customer

One of the final steps towards creating a brand marketing strategy for a startup is to identify the target customer. If you are unable to find what your consumer base requires, you may not be able to deliver on the promise. It’s important to research customer expectations and how they could perceive your brand in the future. 

Find out what they are looking to get with your product or service and then market it accordingly. You can align your marketing goals with branding ones and spread awareness among a wider audience. 

To Sum Up 

This is a step-by-step guide for brand marketing for startups. You can use it as an inspiration to come up with an effective strategy that helps boost awareness and also promotes your product or service. It is important to keep in mind that you should be able to deliver something of value. The average consumer today has a lot of choices and they want to know that you can offer them a solution that is different from the others. If you need help with your branding be sure to reach out.

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