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Social Media Trends Your Business Should be Aware of in 2022

Feb 16, 2022

As we look ahead to 2022, certain Social Media trends are poised to influence clicks and drive conversions all year long. The digital landscape is always changing. Your brand can stay relevant by keeping up with today’s most popular Social Media trends. From format to content, let’s take a look at the biggest Social Media trends for 2022. Learn everything you need to know about 2022 Social Media trends, including video, user experience, authenticity, thought leadership, and creative interaction.


Social Media Trend #1: Video Will Be More Important Than Ever Before

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Video has become one of the Internet’s most compelling formats. Current powerhouses like YouTube and Facebook have rewarded video content for years, but newly popular social media platforms are catapulting short-form video into worldwide prominence.

TikTok’s widespread popularity, especially among younger generations, is following in the footsteps of Snapchat and Vine. People simply love watching short, creative, and catchy TikTok videos. TikTok also offers a strong interactive element. Reacting to videos, learning trending dances, and creating collaborative content are mainstays of the TikTok experience. This user participation explains why TikTok has become such a vital part of our society.

We expect to see the short-form video continue to grow and perform well across all platforms. Prioritize video in your content strategies. Your brand doesn’t need to join TikTok if it’s not a good fit for your audience, but you should be aware of our culture’s ‘TikTok mindset.’

Before publishing a piece of written content, your team should ask if it would be more compelling in video format. Consider creating auxiliary videos to support other types of content such as articles, press releases, and infographics. Engaging videos perform well across social media platforms, on your website, and in email, making them a smart investment in your 2022 plans.


Social Media Trend #2: The User Experience In Blogs And Articles Will Have to Be Excellent

User experience (UX) influences people’s behaviors throughout the Internet. Today’s users expect beautiful, seamless experiences across every digital platform they encounter. Emails, websites, apps, ads, social media accounts, and other online assets should create simple, pleasing encounters. Modern consumers are likely to leave your platform and never return if the UX doesn’t meet their needs.

Social Media professionals have been focusing on UX for several years now. Your website is probably already mobile-friendly and easy to navigate. In 2022, extend that focus to your individual blog posts. Every post or article you publish should provide its own cohesive, enjoyable UX.

Consider every aspect of a user’s experience when they open your blog. You need quality written content, but you should also add curated graphics, videos, GIFs, and more. These additional features aren’t space-fillers or distractions. Instead, images, GIFs, and videos give your content a multimedia appeal. Illustrate concepts with graphics, embed relevant video clips, and even use light-hearted GIFs to show your brand’s sense of humor as appropriate.


Social Media Trend #3: Always Be Authentic

Authenticity is critical in today’s social media. Modern consumers are accustomed to ads and sponsored content throughout their daily lives. If your content doesn’t deliver authentic value, people will disregard it. Instead, you should engage your audience through meaningful, thoughtful content that adds value to their lives.

There are many ways to showcase authenticity but remember to focus on the human element. Highlight how your services impact people, share your company’s origin story, introduce behind-the-scenes team members, and more. If your content humanizes your brand, reveals your motivations, or helps your users feel part of a community, it will resonate with your audience.

Authenticity will also look different for every business. No one expects a major manufacturing company and a small lifestyle brand to produce the same content. Choose an option that fits your mission, values, brand, and industry.


Social Media Trend #4: Personal Thought Leadership Will Be a Must

Coldwell Banker Social Media Instagram

As part of being authentic, it’s time for your brand leaders to join your Social Media strategy. Thought leaders, spokespeople, leadership teams, and other “faces” of your community need to commit to their role in your marketing’s success. You’ll see the best results from your 2022 Social Media strategy when your entire team is excited about the project.

Recruit influential people from your organization to participate in your marketing effects. It’s not enough for leaders to make faceless written statements anymore. Instead, your thought leaders should be an active part of your Social Media. Feature your brand’s leaders in videos, photos, and other multimedia formats to create authentic content that performs well across platforms.

If your leadership is reluctant, brainstorm ways to overcome their hesitation. Find examples of the content you hope they’ll help you create, then explain how this content drives success for other brands. You should also streamline the process to encourage participation. Provide scripts as needed, respect their time with short filming sessions, and use interview formats so no one feels isolated on camera.


Social Media Trend #5: More Creativity Than Ever Will Be Needed To Encourage Interaction

Interaction and engagement remain key performance indicators for digital content in 2022. Engagement generates brand awareness, exposes you to a new audience, and can drive long-term conversions. This year, it’s important to be creative as you encourage interaction. Remember that your content should add authentic value. Don’t fall back on contests that require commenting or tagging a friend. Instead, look for new ways to engage users.

Collaborative content is a powerful strategy for building interactive communities. TikTok and similar video platforms encourage users to create their own versions of popular content. Find ways to promote user-generated content within your brand community. You can also keep an eye on current video trends. Funny takes on trending videos help you engage with your users and possibly reach a bigger audience.


Continue Growing Your Brand Presence In 2022

Social Media can help your brand capture more of the digital audience in 2022. Focus on short-form videos, user experience, authentic messaging, thought leadership, and creativity to keep your company on top of the game. Thoughtful content and a strong strategy will help your brand reach new customers and keep growing in 2022. If you’re looking for a Social Media team that can help you achieve this, we’d love to talk with you! Schedule a free consultation today.

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