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Welcoming Jackson Scott, Radio Personality and Marketing Specialist to the Stoqd Team

Nov 18, 2021


This month we welcome our newest team member, Jackson Scott, who is most known for his colorful and exciting radio personality that has developed throughout his 20-year career in radio. Jackson was born in a small town about an hour outside of Boston, Massachusetts. With his extensive broadcast career, he has lived in Manhattan, Denver, Tulsa, and Richmond. He is our newest Client Acquisition Specialist.

When Jackson is away from the microphone, he has now partnered with Stoqd to help businesses and clients navigate the digital landscape that is now the most powerful promotional tool available. His experience and connection in the music and media arenas bring a unique and effective approach to any marketing project.

“I have been able to watch Myke Metzger and his team at “stoqd” grow from the beginning and have always admired his tenacity, passion, and drive to become the best marketing and branding agency. I’m thrilled to be joining his team and look forward to connecting so many businesses with the marketing knowledge and tools to grow. I think it goes without saying that I’m “stoqd” for what’s ahead.”
– Jackson Scott


While Jackson is dedicated to helping businesses grow, he also has his foot in aviation as a part-time flight attendant for United Airlines. One of our favorite elements of having Jackson on the team is his authenticity, honesty, willingness to learn and improve, and of course his extensive knowledge of business and marketing from his years of working alongside business owners and advertisers. Jackson has spent years working hands-on with businesses during his radio career and helping them find creative and effective advertising solutions. His voice has been heard by millions of listeners and he was able to leverage that in an effective way for businesses. We are excited and grateful to have Jackson on the Stoqd team, and at the front of our client acquisition efforts.


Stoqd is beyond excited to add another industry-leading mind to our team, as well as another verified public figure who brings with them a ton of rising talent. With Jackson Scott on board, we look forward to continuing to climb the ranks as a Top 100 branding agency in the United States. We are currently the number one ranked branding agency in the city of Richmond, and sit within the Top 3 in the state of Virginia.


If you or your business is hoping to lead the charge as we head into 2022 be sure to reach out to Jackson and schedule a complimentary brand call with our team. You can reach him at jackson@stoqd.co or on social media @radiojackson.

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